24/04/2011 | Robert Kazinsky quits 'The Hobbit' film!
Posted by: Neil

Robert Kazinsky has had to quit the upcoming 'The Hobbit' film due to health reasons. Such as shame as this was the big break Rob was looking for.

We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to hear of a new project soon!

23/10/2010 | Robert Kazinsky is cast in Peter Jacksons 'The Hobbit' film!
Posted by: Neil

Robert Kazinsky is to star alongside Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage and Aiden Turner in the upcoming The Hobbit film!

Warner Bros. have recently revealed Peter Jackson's cast for the upcoming take on JRR Tolkien's prequel novel "The Hobbit"

English actor Martin Freeman, who appeared in the British comedy "The Office" will play the main character, Bilbo Baggins.

Jackson says of his choice: "Despite the various rumors and speculation surrounding this role, there has only ever been one Bilbo Baggins for us. He (Martin) is intelligent, funny, surprising and brave - exactly like Bilbo and I feel incredibly proud to be able to announce that he is our Hobbit."

The film will be split into two parts, of which part one is to hit cinema screens in December 2012, with the second part tentively scheduled for 2013.

When we get word of when filming begins we will be sure to post it here! Big congrats to Rob for landing such a fantastic role in a major and much anticipated film! Watch this space we say......


18/09/2010 | Robert Kazinsky in a German Beer TV ad!
Posted by: Neil

With thanks to eagle eyed German fan, Rosemarie, for sending me the is an advert for Schoefferhofer beer, with Rob in it. Could that also be Rob singing as well?.......


05/09/2010 | Forum to close on 23rd September 2010!
Posted by: Neil

After much consideration, I've decided to close the forum once the current hosting plan expires (23rd September 2010)

The reasons behind this are that there is little new 'entertainment' featuring Rob out there, which has resulted in the forum becoming a ghost town! The site costs too much in hosting, compared to how many people are currently using the forum. However I will be saving the database incase it returns in the future!

The site itself will be moving to a free hosting package (as previously reported last month) that comes with the domain purchase. Unfortunately this free package does not support a forum. However, so folks can still interact, I will likely link to the old Proboards forum found here:

Folks who are not a member on this board will have to sign up for a new account (although I know a lot of regulars became members on both forums!)

As always, you will still be able to access the main site at (as well as through the newly acquired domain,

All these changes will take place between 22nd and 23rd September 2010. The forum will remain up until removed by the old host.

Finally thank you to ALL for supporting the forum these past couple of years, it's been fun!


16/08/2010 | to move servers within next few weeks.
Posted by: Neil

Just a quick notice to visitors, that we will be moving servers within the next couple of weeks so there might be periods where the site is not accessable. However I hope to keep any down time to a minimum.

With the lack of news and entertainment featuring Rob, things have got very quiet, so I feel the site doesn't need paid hosting for now. When things pick up again with new films/shows being released I'll consider using paid hosting again.

I'll update this news entry once the move over has been completed.


15/08/2010 | Robert Kazinsky appears in a short film called 'Cowboys'
Posted by: Neil

Rob has filmed a short movie called Cowboys (13 minute) by an independant film maker named Matthew Murdoch.

To see a short clip of the movie, be sure to head over to Matthew's site here:

Thanks to Humbug83 for posting this new on the forum!


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